How To Practice Skating Efficiently

Currently, many young people participate in rollerblading. This is a sport that can improve health and good toughness. But,during your workout, many passion individuals may forget their health problems during exercise. This article will share with you the methods of training and balance activities, so that you can get the best health in the process of practicing this sport.


Diet to get the energy to practice is extremely important factor in almost all sports activities.

Avoid Eating Before Practice

Because in the process of digestion, your body needs at rest. The physical activities during this time will reduce the effectiveness of both food intake and exercise efficiency, sometimes may be counterproductive.

Ideally, you should eat from one-half to one-half hour before the workout, foods that are high carbohydrates will be prior (also called slow sugar absorption) such as rice, pasta, bread, cereal. When digested, carbohydrates will produce glycogen, the main raw material to supply energy for muscles, which helps you work many hours and prevents cramps.

During Training

Remember to drink enough water. Rollerblade will make the body loses water through sweat. Dehydration will be accompanied by loss of electrolytes, mainly sodium chloride. Also, lack of salt and water will affect the cardiovascular system activity and the thermostat.

To avoid this situation, you should provide for the body of water before, during and after exercise. If using boiled water, it should be added a little sugar and salt, or diluted fruit juice. Do not drink too sweet to affect digestion.

Before practice from 10-30 minutes, you should drink 400 – 600ml of water. While training, drink regularly in small amounts from 100 – 200ml / times, each time about 15-20 minutes depending on the severity of sweat loss. After training, you need to drink water immediately and mineral water for rehydration and electrolytes.

If having only boiled water, you will still feel thirsty, because it will increase consumption of water and minerals in the body excreted in sweat.

Maintain Good Nutrition While Playing Rollerblade

The rollerblade will help us improve health, to eradicate disease, mental relaxation, and perfect shape. For those who play amateur sports, science diet need to be reasonable and necessary.

Your diet should be rich in vitamins and minerals in particular, so it is necessary to eat full of foods to provide vitamins and minerals for the body: Vitamin C, group B, PP, B-carotene, mostly in vegetables, fruit and grain veneer, vitamins A, D, E, K  found in meat, fish, liver, eggs.

The minerals such as copper, iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium are necessary for health. In the body, there are two energy reserves as glycogen and carbohydrate (fat) but the capacity to store glycogen in the muscles and liver is limited.

When you exercise, the amount of glycogen in the muscles will be gradually depleted. This is the reason why the body is vulnerable to fatigue, exhaustion. Therefore, it should be sufficient glycogen reserves before exercise by eating enough daily starch and sugar mixed drink when exercising.

Exercise Within Reasonable Time

Many of you engross and forget the time for rollerblade and forget to eat or eat the wrong meals. You should have yourself a specific workout plan, a reasonable time activities such as the punctual diet, very good breakfast improves health and energy supplement for you than in the course of implementation of the skill (technique).

To achieve best practice status, perform the highly technical and the most effective health problems is something we should not despise during practice skating. Let you always have the best energy to play this sport.