What you need to prepare for a long trip by car?


List of special utensils is the first thing required when you travel to a new place for a long days. There are many items you need to bring along, but do not carry. Maybe, you do not have enough time or money to go buy in the summer tour. Also, in the worst case, you could lose luggage. If you have a list of supplies to bring, you will have the full information necessary to make the procedure pretext lost luggage, property. Through practical experience and references, this article will give you some suggested list of supplies that you need to carry when travelling. Depending on the summer tour and your needs, this list can adjust accordingly. It means that it can be longer or shorter. However, you have to buy for you backpack, and you should refer best backpack for travel 2015 to get more information and have good ones.

  1. What do we need to prepare?

To have a safe trip and fun, you should prepare carefully before departure. Here are the necessary steps to prepare before the long day trip by car.

  • Make a list about 1 weeks before departure:

Within these weeks, you need to write all of the items that you will bring in your luggage. Besides, you also need to list the necessary things to do before the trip as maintenance of the car. By doing this, you will be less stressful. When writing everything down on paper, you will avoid the situation of forgotten front, forget later. And then, you have to book your hotel. In 2 or 3 days before travel, it is suggested that you should book reserve hotel accommodation to ensure that you do not fall into a state of “helplessness” on arrival. The next thing is to put items in luggage for a few days before departure. The purpose of carrying belongings packed in luggage for a few days before departure is that you will have time to consider anything more or less. Basically, this also helps you reduce anxiety before a long trip by car.

  • Put sundries in backpack:

When taking the long weekend travel by car, you should carry a small backpack to store medicine, electronic devices such as game consoles, music players, snacks and drinks. In particular, you should carry gum in your backpack, which just help you relax during long journeys, the gum also works to help keep you from feeling bored. Charging electronic devices is also necessary, too. On the evening before the trip, you should fully charge the batteries for phones, music players and somethings related. On newer cars, it is more convenient for charging port, but, if you charge available at home. Feeling embankment with car charger cord will definitely make you feel burdensome.

  • Check everything at last:

Before departure, travelers should check the last time things like wallet, entertainment devices in the car or ask people went out less hygienic. It is so important for us to wear comfortable clothing when traveling. When sitting in the car for a long way or on a long distance will make you feel uncomfortable. Thus, wearing the kind of clothes will bring the most comfortable for you, including pajamas. Besides, you also should select a car seats. You have to choose a place to sit where you feel most comfortable in the car. If you do not want to upset cramped, then you do not choose people or reclining seat behind the rear seat. Sitting by the window is a reasonable choice, you can open if you need more air or sightseeing outside.

  1. Some other notes

In your long trips, may you need to bring large plastic bags for garbage or dirty cloth. Bringing nutritious food is important, but it does not mean that you should not bring sweets. You can bring some sweet candy or cake to snack on the way. If the car is crowded, you do not choose to sit next to someone who makes you uncomfortable. Recommended in case breakdown or accident, you should bring blanket, flashlight, first aid, painkillers and water. If you turn on the film, you should select any movie that everyone enjoys watching. In case, you are the driver, please choose one person accompanying the driver that also has the ability to drive change. Also, we can play gently to create a fun atmosphere in the car with some energy drink and snacks and water so as not to stop buying in the way. If you get car sick, you should take a pill before departure and bring people available drugs. Even people who do not get drunk, you should also bring medicines to prevent. Checking your car before dates makes us not worried about the car down the street.